Is the Travel for Credit program only available to students and school boards and school districts in Ontario and British Columbia?

The program is open to all students, but currently, only Ontario and British Columbia credits are given. Please contact us at credit@ef.com to discuss your options if you’re from another province or territory.   

How does EF support school boards and school districts who want to participate in the Travel for Credit program?

There are lots of ways we can support you:

a) We’ll provide your school board or school district with a full digital course package, created by a certified Ontario College of Teachers instructional designer, so the course can be readily implemented in your classroom.

b) We’ll support you by providing marketing materials for the course, tour, and any recruitment meetings.

c) We’ll handle all student tour enrolments and payments. Students and parents will have access to our incredibly helpful Traveller Support Team who can answer any questions about their EF tour.

Is the Travel for Credit program available year-round?

The program has been designed to work within summer school structure. School boards and school districts typically offer four-week summer school courses, and the EF tour experience will take place somewhere within that time period.

Besides completing a summer school course, how else can students benefit from participating in the program?

The EF Travel for Credit program opens students’ minds and encourages them to become global citizens prepared to make a difference in the world. Our programs, backed by research and designed with travel-based learning outcomes in mind, help students emerge from tour with a unique perspective.

Each course and accompanying tour is specifically designed so that students can develop and practice life skills like critical thinking, problem solving, financial literacy, time-management, communication, and teamwork.