Teachers, experience an educator-only tour of Winnipeg

The details

We’re giving a handful of teachers the opportunity to experience our new tour, Human Rights Leadership in Winnipeg, next summer.

  • See the real benefits of educational travel and how it can impact your students
  • Explore some of education’s most topical issues—human rights, social justice, and leadership—and incorporate diverse perspectives into your classroom
  • Meet other educators who share your passion and bring tangible lessons back home
  • Discover unique curriculum-aligned places like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation, Saint Boniface, and more
  • Influence the next generation of students to make positive change in their communities

Why travel with EF?

We’re an educational company that believes in the impact of travel. Our tours help your students experience learning beyond the classroom and give them the opportunity to understand the world, themselves, and themselves in the world.

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