How can I feel confident enrolling on an EF tour now?

The world is changing around us and we’re all adapting to a “new normal.” For us, that means activating hundreds of local EF staff on the ground in nearly every country an EF tour travels to. Working with local partners and suppliers, we’re preparing for and adapting to whatever that new normal will be. When travel comes back, EF will be ready to lead the way.

We’re leading the charge on student safety. With our extensive global presence, our best-in-the-industry experience, and our strong, long-established relationships with some of the largest airline, hotel, and transportation companies, global governmental agencies, and health organizations, we are actively shaping new worldwide cleanliness and safety standards. In addition, we’re proud to have earned the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp—the world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp for Travel & Tourism, designed specifically to address COVID-19 and similar outbreaks.

How is EF handling the financial impact of the pandemic on the travel industry?

By operating as we always have: with our sole focus being on creating the best possible experiences for our customers. Through 55+ years of careful management, our wide portfolio of educational products, and our team of 55,000 around the world, we have a strong foundation and we are built for a strong future. Our company is family-owned and has been successfully navigating world events for decades. We simply don’t have distractions like obligations to investors, creditors, or banks, which means our entire global team can continue to dedicate themselves to delivering life-changing travel experiences and exceeding customer expectations, even in the most challenging times.

What should I do if my group has not yet rescheduled our tour?

Rest assured, there is nothing you need to do now. Given the circumstances, it may take your Group Leader some time to work through the details of setting up a new tour. We recommend you stay in communication with your Group Leader on next steps.

What are my refund options? 

We know that the decision to travel is a very personal one. That’s why we’ve amended our policies so that you can elect to take a Future Travel Voucher even if your group chooses a different option (such as rescheduling the tour for a date that does not work with your schedule, or decides to cancel the tour).

Should a Future Travel Voucher not work for you, you can cancel with the standard cancellation terms as outlined in the  Booking Conditions. Depending on the date that you notified us of your decision to cancel your tour, you may be entitled to a refund from EF. If you purchased insurance, you may be able to make an insurance claim

How can I feel confident about my investment if COVID-19 is still impacting travel?

As the situation evolves, we’re continuing to adapt and enhance our policies to meet the changing needs of our customers, which may include extending our Peace of Mind Program to affected customers. Read our most updated policies here.

What is an EF Future Travel Voucher?

A Future Travel Voucher is issued in the amount of all monies paid by a traveller for their originally scheduled tour, including the $199 non-refundable deposit and less additional non-refundable fees. Future Travel Vouchers may be used towards travel programs from a variety of EF products, and we have program options tailored to graduating students, high school students, grades 6–8, educators, parents, and adult travellers. 

Future Travel Vouchers can also be gifted or resold and are transferable to immediate family members and to students or faculty in the same school district as the traveller to which they are issued. Future Travel Vouchers are valid for the original tour year and following two travel years. To view complete details on all of the ways to redeem your voucher, visit our  Future Travel Voucher collection.

Where can I find the details about my Future Travel Voucher?

All the information about your voucher, including value, terms, and flexibility can be accessed on your traveller secure site.

What are the options for travellers who are high school seniors?

If you are unable to travel as scheduled, you can choose to take a Future Travel Voucher valued at 100% of all monies paid for your tour, including the $199 non-refundable deposit and less other non-refundable fees. The voucher is transferable and can be applied towards a range of travel programs for all ages and interests, and the vouchers are valid for the original tour year and the following two travel years. Programs include the following popular travel options:

  • Grab your friends, choose your dream destination, and go! Even if you sign up solo, you’ll travel with a whole bunch of people you just met, and—cue epic soundtrack—make friends that will last a lifetime on our EF Ultimate Break trips, the perfect way for travellers aged 18-29 to travel to almost any corner of the globe. 
  • Travel with your family, or if you’re not able to go, let your favourite adult take your spot. Whether they’d prefer a European food-and-wine tour or an African safari, they’ll find something amazing to spark their wanderlust on an EF Go Ahead Tour. 
  • Students taking a break before college can also take advantage of our EF Gap Year program, which offers immersive multi-destination travel and the opportunity to learn a language, participate in service learning, and intern abroad.

Please click here for more information on our programs geared towards graduating high school students.