EF’s lifelong impact

Our tours inspire learning outcomes that will impact students for the rest of their lives. We’re talking confidence, empathy, cross-cultural understanding, and so much more. We believe these skills (and the travel that promotes them) are more important now than ever since students haven’t had the same opportunities to connect with others or interact with the world.

Thoughtful travel

As the world slowly reopens, we’re so excited our groups are getting back out on the road. EF is continuing to take a customized approach to every destination, itinerary, and group—and as always, putting your students’ safety above all else. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or a sprained ankle, a missed flight or a lost bag, we have the resources to help you handle anything.

Personalized support

We make tour planning a breeze. That’s because we build a team around every teacher who travels with us, giving them personalized support at all times. Not sure which location to choose? We’ll walk you through your options. Need help getting your school excited? We’re already on it. Can’t decide what to pack in your carry-on? That’s pretty personal…but we’ll still offer plenty of advice.