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About EF      1-855-EFTOURS

About EF      1-855-EFTOURS

Give students
stories to tell.

Give students

stories to tell.

Real-world experiences are always more impactful than digital ones. EF Educational Tours helps students unplug and discover themselves through travel, while giving teachers new ways to bring their classroom lessons to life—all around the world.

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How does travelling

with EF work?

How does travelling with EF work?

Step 1: We make it easy

You’ll be connected with a Tour Consultant who’s an expert on educational travel, travel programs in schools near you, and happens to be pretty awesome.

Step 2: You’ll work with experts.

We’ll do some good, old-fashioned getting to know each other, so tell us about you, your school, and your educational travel goals.

Step 3: You have our support.

If you’re a teacher, we’ll work together to get your tour off the ground. If you’re a student or parent, we’ll help you connect with a teacher who can lead your tour.

See the

world with



Your lessons,
out in the world

Travelling is way more fun than reading travel blogs, and learning outside of the classroom will always give a new dimension to education. Our tours are built to elevate student learning through, you guessed it, travel. And when they discover new ways of navigating the world, they learn more about themselves in the process.

Plus, EF has global reach. We’re the world leader in international education, so we’re always nearby and ready to help—no matter where in the world you travel.


Students are transformed by EF programs every year



EF staff, educators, and Tour Directors



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Safety and support for travellers and their families


$50 million

General Liability Policy automatically insures Group Leaders and schools

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