Some important things to know about EF

01 Before departing
  1. Review the application prompt below.
  2. Consider what format you may want to deliver your project in.
  3. Assess your tour itinerary to highlight connection moments that may support your response.
02 On your tour
  1. Document connections to the prompt to better prepare you for the project submission.
  2. Take photos and videos while journaling your experience.
  3. Ask questions of your Tour Director, Group Leader(s), and locals you meet.
03 After you return home
  1. Reflect on what you learned while on tour, and gather relevant examples and research.
  2. Choose a project format and develop a response to the prompt. Refer to the rubric as you make progress on your project.
  3. Create your project.
  4. Submit your project using the form below.
  5. If your project has passed, you’ll receive instructions to access your Certificate and a link to view your project in the Digital Exhibit.