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Whether you’re a student who has a teacher that inspires you, or an educator with an extraordinary colleague who goes above and beyond for their students, we want to hear stories about teachers who make an impact.

Those nominated could win a trip to an exciting destination abroad, and you get entered in a draw for a $500 Best Buy gift card just for submitting!


Stories about teachers who rock

“My teacher is inspiring because she gives us advice and motivates us to achieve our dreams. She tells us that if someone criticizes you or undermines you, they are telling you their story, not yours. She always has a smile on her face and is a great role model.”
- EMILY H., Student

“My colleague Mrs. Blackwell inspires her students to be better people–she encourages them in their studies and in their extracurricular activities to do they best they can. She’s especially understanding of how her students are feeling during hard times and she truly connects with each and every one. This is why I think she is an extraordinary mentor and educator.”
- MARGARET T., Educator
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