Catherine’s first trip tip:

“Prepare, prepare, prepare. Talk with your Tour Consultant and your Tour Director frequently; ask them any and all questions you possibly have! The more prep work you do before you leave, the more smoothly your trip will go.”

Catherine R.

Scott’s first trip tip:

“Allow yourself to breathe and to enjoy the time you are spending with your students—your connection with them on this tour is what they will remember the most.”

Scott B.

Adriana’s first trip tip:

“You’re not crazy! It’s a beautiful thing that you’re doing. Don’t worry about sweating the small stuff—focus on safety and on keeping the group united and happy. Start every morning with gratitude and finish each evening with one new discovery.”

Adriana V.

Gary’s first trip tip:

“Something is going to go wrong—and that is part of the adventure! Be safe, learn, try new things, eat new food, and most of all have fun! Travelling is the only thing we spend money on and become richer for it.”

Gary L.

John’s first trip tip:

“Utilize all the resources out there to make sure you and your students are as prepared as possible for an amazing trip. Network with other teachers and Experienced Group Leaders, share ideas and resources, and then use all that to fit your style so you are comfortable and confident.”

John M.

Cheryl’s first trip tip:

“If I could go back and tell myself, pre-EF travel, anything, I would encourage me to trust the universe. Plans will shift, timing might be off, but no matter what happens, the kids will enjoy themselves. I can’t control everything, so focus on the fun, learning, and new experiences with my travellers. EF will do all they can to make your trip exceptional!”

Cheryl O.

Martha’s first trip tip:

“It is worth it in more ways than you can imagine. The travel bond runs deep! Years from now you will hear from former students who are travelling or studying abroad or teaching English in another country, and they will all thank you for encouraging them to take this first big step.”

Martha R.

Michael’s first trip tip:

“Some people say, ‘Take a leap of faith. The net will appear!’ With EF, the net is already there. They guide you through every step of the process. The attention to detail that EF provides allows you to share your vision of travel with your students, pass along your passion, and make your trip transformational. Students will come back changed. YOU will come back changed, and ready to go again!”

Michael H.

Kristen’s first trip tip:

“Use your first tour as your “training tour.” It’ll feel like a whirlwind, but try to pay attention to what you love about the pace, the destinations, and the types of activities your students enjoy. Your tour consultant will ask about these when you get home to help you plan an even more perfect next tour. Also, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!”

Kristen C.

Linda’s first trip tip:

“Be sure to establish prior communication with the Tour Director, making sure to have his/her number for all airport related matters that could arise last minute, a list of dietary requests and a short presentation of the group highlighting special interests and requests. In addition to that the best contribution from a Group Leader is to educate his/her group members to be flexible and think as a group.”

Linda G. (Tour Director)